Citizens for Animal Protection

Celebrity Paws Gala

Celebrity Paws Gala, Citizens for Animal Protection fundraiser, 1989 – 2007 As Chairman of the 1989 Gala, the challenge of a $500 decorating budget inspired some creative thinking. Judy Nichols enlisted ten top designers to create theme related booths, “Chateaux des Paws,” for each of the ten honorees. Individual raffle ticket sales determined which of…


Sports Star-a-thon ’91

Sports Star-a-thon ’91, a kick-off fund raiser for United Cerebral Palsy, held at Tony’s Restaurant preceding their annual telethon. With attendance of only 170 people, over $90,000 was raised by auctioning such unusual items as a pair of breeding ostriches ($13,000), a pot bellied pig ($4,000) and a miniature horse, ($7,000). The attention garnered by…

Sunny 99 point 1

SUNNY 99.1 KODA one-day Radio-Thon

SUNNY 99.1 KODA one-day Radio-Thon fund raiser received more television coverage than ever before collected by an official broadcast recording company. Twenty-seven reports covering the radio station’s appeal were aired by all the network stations plus a Spanish-language station. This added up to over 35 minutes of TV air time during all news broadcasts including…

DreamMakers International

Tours of Enchantment

Tours of Enchantment travel “experiences” are custom created by Gregory Lee Patrick. The JN&A-generated extensive national media attention includes People Weekly, The Wall Street Journal, TV’s Entertainment Tonight among others. Neiman Marcus asked Patrick to design an “Ultimate Gift” for its 2001 Christmas Book, a $720,000 fantasy “time travel trip” in England for six couples.…

Nutcracker Market

Houston Ballet Guild’s Nutcracker Market

Houston Ballet Guild’s Nutcracker Market, an annual event previously promoted through the Houston Ballet’s in-house efforts. JN&A first was selected to handle the eleventh annual Nutcracker Market in 1991. From just under $1,000,000 in 1990, vendor gross sales realized an increase of 50% and overall attendance was increased by 60%. Such successful results during an…

UltraAir Airlines


ULTRAIR, the Houston-based airline for the business traveler, conceived and established by Houston entrepreneur, Barney Kogen. JUDY NICHOLS & ASSOCIATES had sole responsibility for all of Ultrair’s Public Relations and Community Affairs matters. JN&A arranged and organized the initial press conference to announce creation of the new airline, garnering extensive print and electronic media attention,…